iPhone 7 shoots Raw and supports wide color DCI-P3

Adding Raw capture to the iPhone gives photographers a lot more creative freedom. Post processing will be better with greater levels of brightness and more accurate white balance. As you process your photos in Lightroom or any other software on PC, colors in filters and presets will show their true potential on RAW files, rather than on JPEGS. Raw shooting is coming to older iPhones soon too, with the upcoming release of iOS 10.

Another improvement is the wide color gamut. Most displays use the older “standard RGB” (sRGB) with a narrower color space, while many cameras can store the wider color range. All of the iPhones prior to the iPhone 7 use sRGB. Wide Color, as found most recently on the iPhone 7 family, is Apple’s name for the DCI-P3 color space. DCI-P3 was designed as a standard for digital movie projection for American film industry.

You may find more information on Apple’s Wide Color screen on the iPhone 7 in this extensive article posted on appleinsider.com


below some official iPhone 7 sample photos

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