My first evening with Fujifilm X70

On August 16th I received my new Fujifilm X70, a very compact and light camera. Many reviewers call it a tiny beast, as it houses a big APS-C image sensor inside and very crispy and sharp lens.

Speaking of the lens, it comes with a fixed 28mm eq. lens, that cannot be replased. I would not need to replace it anyway, since I like its compact, pancake design. It helps me carry the camera with me everywhere I go. The viewfinder is also missing from this camera, but it comes with a bright “tilt and touch” LCD display that is very fun to use.

I kind of fell in love with the Fuji cameras when I discovered their film simulations. These “filters”, simulate Fuji’s original films and give pictures a very vivid, warm and contrasty look. They are applyed directly to the jpegs that come out of the camera, so you can share them to social media without the need to make any other adjustments or editing. And if you are like me and shoot always in RAW format, you can apply these simulations later in Lightroom or Fuji RAW converter.

Film simulations

Another feature that I love in X70, is the app for my iPhone that enables me to control the camera from a distance via wifi. I can take pictures and transfer files to my smartphone, without even touching the camera. Very handy if I need to take a picture without getting noticed.

I took the camera outside on the streets as soon as I got my hands on it and these are the very first photos I took that evening.
They are edited in Lightroom, so if you need untouched samples directly from the camera, you may need to visit fuji’s site for them.

Fujifilm X70 28mm


3 thoughts on “My first evening with Fujifilm X70

    1. Most of these pictures are straight out of the camera JPEGS, with Astia and Velvia film simulations.
      The header image was processed in VSCO Film with Fuji Fortia SP preset.
      Thank you for your kind words.

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