Welcome!  Thank you for visiting my blog!

This is the second version of this site. The previous one was a static html page, hosted on Amazon AWS. Although it was fast, it was hard to maintain and update. A new html file had to be created and uploaded to Amazon, everytime I wanted to add something new.

So, I decided to move to WordPress, a dynamic platform very easy to update with new content. I plan to add new stuff more often in the months to come. Most of it will be photos. I bought a new Fuji camera -X70- recently and I plan to spend more time shooting photos and improving my photography skills.

The best of these photos will be presented here. Moreover, WordPress has a great commenting system that you can use to stay in touch with me. Please leave your comments and feedback below each post, I will be happy to read all of them.

I hope that you will find my photos inspiring!